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  • 128 kbps bitrate
  • 5GB Playlist Space
  • 25GB Dedicated Bandwidth
  • 100 Listeners
  • Shoutcast or Icecast Server
  • Recommended for Staters or Small-sized.
  • 320 kbps bitrate
  • 10GB Playlist Space
  • 100GB Dedicated Bandwidth
  • 300 Max Simultaneous Listeners
  • Shoutcast or Icecast Server
  • Best for Medium-Sized Radio Stations
  • 320 kbps bitrate
  • 75GB Playlist Space
  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • Scalable Listeners (Unlimited)
  • Shoutcast or Icecast Server
  • Dedicated Server for Large-scale Broadcasting

Detailed Specifications

Know more of the inclusive specs of each plan for you to decide further.

Starter Geek Pro
HD Stream QualityStudio Stream QualityStudio Stream Quality
2 GB Space is enough for more or less 832 tracks5GB Space is enough for more or less 2,080 tracks20GB Space is enough for more or less 8,320 tracks.
2GB monthly bandwidth gives you around 180 listening hours per month.10GB monthly bandwidth gives you around 360 listening hours per month.Unlimited Bandwidth
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Why choose Radiowink?

Built by online radio enthusiasts in collaboration with IT experts that know very well about your needs.

All In One Platform

About everything you need in broadcasting audio online in one easy to use control panel and we're still in pursuit of adding more!

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24/7 Support

A team consisting of IT professionals and radio broadcasters is ready to assist you with your needs thru chat and ticketing support system.

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Instant Deployment

Your server is ready as soon as it is ordered. Your free trial period will commence and after that, you will have an option to start billing or cancel.

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Bufferless Connectivity

Best-in-class network connectivity for speed and throughput. Radiowink provides extremely fast 1Gbps (1000Mbps) Ethernet uplink connections. Optimized multiple redundancy network which produces unbeatable up time, connectivity and speed.

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Enterprise Grade Hardware

We have built our own servers with Intel Xeon E5 Class processors, ECC RAM, SSD Hardware RAID-5 to handle varied workloads coupled with load-balancing capabilities. No overcrowding nor over-usage.

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Global Datacenters

Data centers located around the world mean you have the connectivity and redundancy you need to stay up and running. We use enterprise routers in all of our data centers and partner with Corero to defend against DDoS attacks that lead to unplanned server outages.

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All in One Features

Manage Services With Ease
Configure all radio features with an easy to use Control Panel powered by Everest Cast,
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Comprehensive Statistics
Listeners and Tracks Statistics. Listener information in periods of Past 24 hours, 7 days, entire month or last month.
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HTTPS Streaming
Secure HTTPS streaming is available that is compatible with all major browsers and applications.
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HTML5 Responsive Player
Full support for HTML 5 media player compatible with MP3 and AAC streams.
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AutoDJ Playlist Management
Broadcast 24/7 even you're offline. Our HTML5 drag and drop builder allows you to quickly create General Rotation, Interval and Scheduled Playlists.
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Player Links
Copy and paste links for every device available with our HTML examples.
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Multiple Encoder Types
Allow multiple encoders so you will be able to use them according to your requirements. Supported codecs MP3, OGG, AAC, AAC+ v1 and v2.
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DJ Streaming Accounts
DJ accounts provide individual broadcasting accounts to your station without handing out your controlpanel login details.
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Broadcast various formats, bitrate, the number of listeners easily through the control panel to offer some kind of flexibility of your server.
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Display various information regarding your radio on your website such as recent tracks, now playing, listeners count, and many more with copy&paste code.
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Port80 Proxy
This Feature enables listeners to tune in to audio streams using TCP port 80 (the port normally used for serving web pages) which may be useful for listeners who are behind restrictive firewalls that prevent access to the port numbers normally used by streaming servers.
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Latest Software
Supported software that are always up to date: Icecast, Icecast-KH, Shoutcast v1,v2.5,v2.6.
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Have questions? This section may have the answers.

What type of payments do you accept?
  • We process payments securely using industry-standard processing and encryption.

    We accept Paypal and All Major Credit Cards.

How long do we reply on tickets?
  • We usually do the first response within an hour (Average 40 Minutes )

What are the Streaming Formats You Support?
  • Shoutcast V2: Mp3, AAc And AAC Plus

    Icecast: Mp3,AAC, AAcPlus , OGG

Can I broadcast Live?
  • Yes. Radiowink supports Live DJ Broadcasting with the use of a wide array of supported radio encoding software that is compatible with Shoutcast and Icecast.

    Moreover, In-case of lost live broadcasting, our server will automatically switch to AutoDJ Playlist that you can configure for smooth and uninterrupted broadcasting for your listeners.

Scalable listeners or Unlimited Listeners? How is that?
  • We specifically configure our servers to handle various workloads of a streaming service. With confidence and various trials, we have designed a unique algorithm on our servers to intelligently scale down and up the number of listeners per station based on how they perform. With this, there are no listeners getting blocked giving you peace of mind.

    For instance, if a server is having 10,000 concurrent listeners at the moment, our server will automatically scale in an instant to add additional listener slots to make an allowance for more listeners tuning in. As listeners decreases, the number of slots decreases as well and vice versa.

How does 24/7 Online Broadcasting Works?
  • With the use of our Playlist Manager in the control panel, you can easily create a playlist where you can upload or select music files you want to play. With this playlist, our server will automatically run it on your broadcast steam without you having online.

    In addition, you can use the Calendar Schedule Feature in order to set specific playlist on the specified times, day, week or month.

Do you support audio streaming and encoding software?
  • The following is a list of DJ Automation/Encoder software we recommend.

    For Windows: RadioDJ, SAM Broadcaster, Winamp, SAM Cast, MB Recaster, Sound Empire Caster, EdCast ,A:B:J, LunarCaster, Butt, PlayIt Live, Rocket Broadcaster , StationPlaylist Studio, StationPlaylist Creator, Virtual DJ, Zarastudio, Mixxx, RadioBOSS , RadioCaster For MAC DirEttore, Virtual DJ, Mixxx, Megaseg, Butt, LadioCast; For Linux: Internet DJ Console, Butt, Mixxx, Virtual DJ


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