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This is Micrometer.  I'm determined to help everyone identify and find the music they have heard long ago and loved but did not know the artist, track name, or mix.  This is why I'm here.  Every track played will be identified as follows: [Artist]-[Track Name] ([Mix(es) separated by commas]) ([Label(s) & Catalogue Number(s))] [[Discogs Release Number]] For example, Planet Patrol – Play At Your Own Risk (Vocal), Rock At Your Own Risk (Instrumental) (Tommy Boy – TB 825) [r4610613] You now can go to Discogs to buy the music.  I encourage you to buy music to support the artists that worked hard making music. I welcome everyone who wants to escape monotonous radio of today and go back into time when electronic music was fresh and only available in the clubs of 70s, 80s and 90s.  Music from Chicago, Detroit, Toronto, the U.K. and beyond (I will also bring new music which follows the classic styles of those times.  No one is left out (that includes the Euro house enthusiasts out there which I will play for you too!).  So enjoy and dance!  Or chill to or work while my show is playing.  Enjoy! The Micrometer

Recently Played
Le'Trell – On The One (Single Edit), State Of Shock (S.O.S.) 7in (Star Creature – SC7011) [r9183122]_1
1026, D.J. International Records – DJ 1026) [r78456] declicked normalized_0
Tyree – Nation Of Hip House LP (D.J. International Records – DJLP
058) [r495486] bb declicked normalized_1
Yolanda Milla – Never Say Never (Dance, Percappella, Edited Radio, House) (Warlock Records – WAR
846210) [r67201]_3
Hermann – Tumblin' Down (Club, Radio, Funky Felix Raggadub, Bonzai's Bonus, MK's Dub, MK's Groove, Original, UK Trance) (E Legal – EL
Enrico Mantini Feat. X Woman – What U Want (Double Face, Swingin' Pleasure, 4 Minutes Of Dope, The Original) (Only One Music – ONLY11) [r12683517]_1
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